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Here because, hard work has directly connected with the house of the self. This is also known as Surya Argha, and if one does this everyday, one will get the fullest and most powerful blessings from the Sun God. Click to the below link and share your Birth Details to get the Horoscope report from Capricorn Ascendant House Lords, Makar Lagna analysis with their house lords. The impact of sun will also depend on the position of Mercury and the nakshatra that impact the sun. The native will be dharmic and religious, infact if the native carries on his religious activities, his bhagya or fate will quickly unlock and he will become successful in his life. He is very sattvic person or pure from heart. Jupiter is also the lord of houses 7th & 10th to Gemini. Aries, the 1st sign of Kaalpurusha is the 11th house to Gemini. Sun in the 7th house for Gemini ascendant is a great positon for Sun to be in. Sun is 3rd house lord and placed in 11th house so you may read3rd house lord in 11th house. He is proudy and egoistic. 1-213-378-1013 Service opened 24/7 - Credit Card payment +1-213-378-1013 russian mafia bellevue wa Gemini Daily Horoscope Gemini Daily Horoscope Today's Gemini Horoscope from Cafe Astrology October 11, 2022 Today's Sun-Saturn aspect loves structure, order, and security, dear Gemini, and you'll find . planet in 10th house Here, Mercury becomes brightened when it is with the Sun. They are leaders in a large organization. So the Gemini ascendant borns will. SINCE the 7th house falls in the star of Moola, owned by Ketu, the Gemini ascendant borns will have dissatisfactions and dejections in their married life. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Since it is a house ruled by Jupiter, the lord of houses 7th & 10th to Gemini, the Gemini ascendant borns will excel in partnership deeds. The Ascendant is the second most important feature in a horoscope. This is if Sun is weak, that is if it has the aspect planets like Rahu, Ketu and Saturn. 8)Sun in 11th house in Aries sign is indicating native may have sound health. Since it is a house owned by Jupiter, the lord of houses 7, Ketu would act like Mercury as far as the house significations are concerned. Sun being in the 4th house for Gemini Ascendant is not considered a good position. The native may work at a job or business that requires lots of travelling. They may work in foreign countries. Venus is also the lord of houses 5th & 12th to Gemini. Free Natal Chart Report. They get famous because of their skills Inauspicious Results of Sun in the 11th house for Gemini Ascendant: The native speaks bitterly and uses some offensive and discourteous words. Gemini rising signs can be highly social and flirtatious. It is a god position for advocate or lawyer or vedic study. It shows obstacles, debts, diseases at early part of life disturbed the ego and confidence of the person . 3 Baths. It is a house of Venus, the lord of houses 5. gain secret success, will fall unconscious due to allergic food, will change service of their choice, will suffer due to inability to diagnose the diseases and will gain success after making undue expenditure for the same; You may find more information about Gemini Ascendant sign by following this. Mars is also the lord of houses 6th & 11th to Gemini. Venus is also the lord of houses 5th & 12th to Gemini. They will make investments quickly, will undertake voyage, will hoard liquid articles and will have pleasant bed comforts. So the Gemini ascendant borns will, have centres of competitive examinations, will organise medical camps, own medical laboratories, will do catering, tailoring, manufacturing of medicines and medical equipments, will finance against properties, will become accountants in purchase departments or milkmen in societies and will become lessors; ..accumulate properties with greedily, will construct bungalows, will construct with assistance from societies, will purchase goods of their choice, will live in fortunate houses, will receive gifts as token of their successes, will make professional achievements and will have frequent visits of friends of their choice. Since Pisces, the 12th sign of Kaalpurushas, is the 10th house to Gemini, the Gemini ascendant borns will not hesitate to undertake secret activities like adulteration etc. Two planet yuti Gemini is the sign of communication, business ruled by mercury. The 11th house corresponds with Aquarius. They can create new things from their skill and can also be chef, public servant, good communicator. Moon also represents our mother, wife, sister and daughter. It depicts the ups and downs of relationships with Father. 7. Aquarius, the 11th sign of Kaalpurusha is the 9th house to Gemini. The sun represents your self-esteem, your ego and your personality, and as mentioned before, all are . Since it is a movable and earthy sign, the Gemini ascendant borns will be troubled by natural calamities. Mother of the native can be very critical or detail oriented and can take the role of father in home. Ft. 1646 11Th Ave, Oakland, CA 94606. Since the Sun is in the sign of Scorpio, this indicates karmic relationship with Father. The native will earn his wealth though his own self-efforts and hardwork. So the Gemini ascendant borns will, serve in social service, voluntary and labour welfare organisations, will become labour contractors or agents to government officials and will act as marriage brokers; .join in permanent service, will hold posts with easy jobs, will become officers known for administrative capacity to earn name, fame and status with promotion avenues. At the same time, as Sun is exalted in the sign, it shows balanced ego and confidence. Sagittarius, the 9th sign of Kaalpurushais the 7th house to Gemini. They will have criminal minded spouses, business partners and customers. They can never sit still and hence, they are one of the most active zodiac signs. A Sun in the eleventh house suggests that you are good at meeting challenges. He has good name and fame. The Gemini ascendant borns will be interested in the fields of arts, culture and cinema and may perform obscene roles; they may also be popular politicians, orators and astrologers. The 11th house relates to the 3rd part of the legs, the calves, and shins. (i) Mrigasira, owned by Mars Great achievements, struggle for success, vitamin deficiency. Sun in the 3rd house for Gemini Ascendant is a great position for Sun to be in, and this is because in the 3rd house, Sun is a Karak planet, alongside, Sun is also in its own sign Leo, where Sun here gives excellent results. Therefore, for Gemini Ascendants, they take pride on their ability of being able to work hard and achieve success in their life through they own self-efforts. Father benefits this individual greatly. They will have fluctuating relationships with their spouses, partners, opponents and persons they meet in the course of life, functionings of sensory organs and kidney in their body,will be that of fluctuating in nature. Other common health issues include the common cold, chest or lung ailments and speech-related problems. SINCE the 5th house falls in the star of Vishakha, ruled by Jupiter, the Gemini ascendant borns will have faith in god, will be truthful in their love affairs, will adhere to religious practices and rituals, will become leaders in the fields of religion and politics and will perform arts with intuition power. Therefore, as long as Sun is not being aspected by any malefic planets, the marriage of the native will work, but he may have to face occasional arguments fights in the relationship. Since Virgo, the 6th house of the Kaalpurusha is the 4th house to Gemini, the Gemini ascendant borns are more interested in their education; they tend to learn many languages and may do excellent work in the fields of medical, diet, costumes, textiles and chemicals etc.. Because Sun also represents our ability to work hard in life. Hence the Gemini ascendant borns may have immoral spouses and opponents. This 5th house is an airy and movable sign. have happy and joyful relationships, will marry persons of their love, will enter into mutual agreements and will show interest in the fields, of arts and culture; is in the twelvth house to GEMINI/ MITHUNA Lagna. By doing this, the natives financial status will improve and he will find different sources of wealth in his life. SINCEthe 7th house falls in the star of Poorvashada, ruled by Venus, the Gemini ascendant borns will have attractive spouse and business partners, will often meet with happy and joyful persons and women as customers in their business. Sun is in Aries in eleventh house for Gemini ascendant and at 10 degree of Aries, Sun is exalted. Since Virgo is an earthy and common sign, the Gemini ascendant borns tend to help the society with their education; they excel in their education despite fluctuations; they become debtors for the cause of their education. Mercury is the lord of GEMINI sign. But they not only value emotional connection but also connected to materialistic thing at home. Just like for Monks, it is very likely for a Monk to develop a strong quality of a thief, similarly, opposite of Enjoyment or Desire is Spirituality and Gemini Ascendants are some of the most Dharmic and Spiritual people in the world. They may also involve in the government departments of investigations, customs, excise, sales tax, auditing, prisons, hospitals, postmortem wards, punishments and seizures. Capricorn, the 10th Sign of Kaalpurushas, is the 8th house to Gemini. hindu astrology it is more likely to be psycho-somatic at the root of it since the Sun lights up house 12 for you. The Ascendant or the first house of the birth chart(Kundli) indicates the natives outer appearance, physique, relationships, health, etc. While, Sun being the lord of 3rd house sitting in the 8th house denotes that there will be lots of struggles and hardships for the native, but if the native works hard in life, he will be able to live a better life and overcome all the obstacles. Moon is a very important planet in Vedic Astrology. They can also take leadership role in society or love to have a transferable or travel job . 1 Bath. Sun here may create problems in the education of person because Sun in the 5th house, gets weak and the native may face lots of change in his education. But when Sun conjunct Jupiter or aspected by Jupiter then it can show a lot of positivity. They have impressive looks and charming personalities, and family and society love them. The Gemini ascendant borns may have to meet with accidents at their places of profession; they may also have to serve with excessive workloads; they could come up in their life only by way of hard work. Communication with father and sibling becomes good. While, she will be short-tempered and will have a irritable personality. He has friendship with royal and power full person. Netway India Pvt. The more they communicate, the more better for career. He has good vitality. While, the native will also gain lots of success in the field of government and lots of benefits from the government. Capricorn Ascendant sign lord is Saturn of 1st and 2nd house in a horoscope. The 11th house relates to the 3rd part of the legs, the calves and shins. Mercury represents management logic and analytic logic like mathematics, physics, accounting, etc. It represents all the government authorities, politics, father, King and Royality. They may study agriculture, geology, mechanical engineering, history, archaeology and criminal law; they may become criminal judges, transport owners, head masters and politicians. It is also the lord of Virgo the 4th house to Gemini. While, Sun representing the 5th house denotes that, Sun rules over our intelligence, knowledge, education, arts, creativity. He will have a magnetic personality, bold, charismatic, and will have good leadership skills. While, the native will also be brave, strong, bold, courageous and full of self-confidence and self-esteem. So the expenditures of Gemini ascendant borns will in a way end up as investments; they will do very well in their second profession; they tend to conceal gold and other valuables; they may gain from hidden treasures. be benefited from society, banks, government recognition, partnership deeds, spouse and relatives, will gain through government subsidy and tax evasion; profit through all kinds of anti-social, illegal and criminal activities like robbery, thefts, cheating, forgery, threatening, murders, kidnappings etc. If ascendant is strong then Sun can be a very supportive planet and the siblings can also shows a lot of support. But later in life, they may get good knowledge in philosophy and higher education which may be prominent in their communication. Sun will come out of darkness eventually. 2. The native gains lots of opportunities in life to work in the fields of government or top level managerial position. It can also show disputes or karmic relationship with siblings. They need to be engaged constantly, even if it is just meeting someone to talk to. This video will explain you Sun in 1st house for libra ascendant. Its their inner restlessness that keeps their mind ticking all the time. In general, Sun in 4th house is not a good position and the reason is because Sun burns the house that it sits in. Offering water to the Sun God The second best remedy for Sun is to offer water to the Sun God everyday in the morning. They will become responsible officers in big organisations, will serve in child welfare organisations, currency printing division of banks, gold mines, national monuments and will hold honorary posts. Sun is in Pisces in tenth house for Gemini Ascendant. Assume the Ascendant is Taurus,and the Sun dominates the 4th house with the Leo sign and resides in the 11th house with the Pisces sign. The native with Sun in 12th House for Gemini Ascendant in Vedic Astrology faces some loss and separation from his brothers and sisters. SINCEthe 8th house falls in the star of Shravana, ruled by Moon, the Gemini ascendant borns will suffer due to mental depression, forgetfulness and unconsciousness, lack proper knowledge, meet with accidents in water, lose their mental balance and will involve in anti-social thoughts and activities. is in the fourth house to GEMINI/ MITHUNA Lagna. The aspect of Sun from that house shows ego, authority over people related to the house. The main drawback is that the relationship with older siblings may be strained, or there may be no older siblings at all. Their ego and confidence also develop while they research on government related activities. They would only be able to gain after overcoming hurdles. So the Gemini ascendant borns could hold double natured lands, vehicles and properties and could be called as land lords. mars Jupiter This position can also cause some issues with sibling. However, if Sun is strong in the Birth chart, then the native will have good friends who will respect him, however, the natives mother may suffer from bone related problems. Aquarius is ruled by SATURNhence SATURN will be the lord of this house. This person just needs to speak with people in positions of authority. The native may suddenly get lots of wealth in his life. The native will have siblings who will benefit from him, while his siblings may life away from his homeland. They will be part of government bodies, societies, friendship clubs, co-operative centres and they will be awarded with gold medals, mementos and subsidies by the government and they will associate with the feasts, festivals and monuments of the government. They may also have to face difficulties due to litigations. All rights reserved. Hence the Gemini ascendant borns tend to write and communicate much about religion, arts and culture. Gemini Ascendants are one of the most interesting and unique zodiac signs among all 12 zodiac sign. Lunar Eclipse In 1st House (Scorpio Rising) . Sun is also the lord of 3rd house to Gemini. Venus. The person will gain ego and authority by sharing knowledge of higher education with people. So the Gemini ascendant borns will, often meet with their lovers, artists, painters, singers, astrologers, teachers, religious servants, priests, prostitutes and pimps; ..often meet with secret planners, thieves, people who threaten them by knowing their secrets and who lead to losses to them and people who assist them in investments. Taurus is ruled by VENUShence VENUS will be the lord of this house. It's possible if they don't have an older sister or have small circle of peers. While the native will have great success in his career. Since it is a fixed and earthy sign, the Gemini ascendant boms.tend to make long term investments of fruitful returns inspite of delays.

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