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His ongoing series, Revolutions, explores the great political revolutions driving the course of modern history. So, I just spent an entire episode talking through the different ways that this could have actually gone. And that necessitated all of this study of political events and political history. And I dont think that we gain anything from hiding from that. iHeartPodcasts. The Black Jacobins by C.L.R. I do acknowledge that Im coming from some kind of liberal bias here, because if were talking about liberal civil rights, I am going to be on the side of the liberal civil rights as opposed to the perpetuation of feudal ignorance and despotism, for example. But theres also the case that these revolutions take a long time. "Mike Duncan has dug deep into the world of revolutions, and the richness of detail in this book is beguiling. 9.04. I mean, you said that theres an alternative. So, I think a lot of the debt crisis, as such in 1786 and 1787, was not just some act of God or some objective fact of finance or economics so much as a group of people, possibly surrounding the Duc dOrlans and Jacques Necker, who said to themselves, Hey, weve actually got ourselves a way to maybe leverage the Bourbons out of power and bring in the Orlans. These are just facts. Hey Bird Feed, this is Lyta Gold, your amusements and managing editor. His award-winning series, The History of Rome, remains a legendary landmark in the history of podcasting.Duncan's ongoing series, Revolutions, explores the great political revolutions that have . Follow. Thats true, speaking of history being driven by mistakes rather than out-and-out genius. And yes, it went this one way where Toussaint Louverture winds up victorious, but there was nothing that said that it was going to have to be that way. It just restarted something that has been an ongoing conflict in American history since the very beginning. As you know, Capitalism In Crisis focuses on the past, on the causes of the crisis. The object is not to necessarily just destroy your enemys forces, its to destroy the will of your enemy to mobilize those forces. And this guy is making immigration policy in the United States of America. So, I think that there is some hope in the demographics. This does seem like its becoming a bit of a trend. His story of the Russian revolution has stopped at 1905, and the events between 1905 and 1917 will only be covered after the book is complete. But I think, in any case, this is bad news. Email: tours@revolutionspodcast.com. And you know, you get into 1848, and its exactly the same scene. Its the number of squares on a chessboard. Well, thats the funny thing about being in the middle of a historical eventyou have no idea how its going to turn out. IlliterateJedi 5 mo. These are: You mean the people in history are people? Oh, I love the Oregon Trail. Because we all watched this happen, with the previous administration. download 1358 Files download 6 Original. For tickets to the October dates: Oct. 3 Austin TX @ Paramount Theater. They are not the Goths. Its also a perfect square, kind of, yeah. I do want to, as much as possible, empathize with whoever it is that Im talking about so I can try to understand their perspective on the world. So what Im hoping to provide here is that narrative of who and what and when. In order to focus on this upcoming book, Mike Duncan has put the Revolutions podcast on hiatus from April all the way to October. And I also want to ask if youre willing to talk about your personal politics, although I know that every side of Twitter has a project of projecting their own politics on to you. But then inevitably theres going to be nine wise old ones who have the final, final, final say. Like when you see, for example, guillotine memes going around on Twitter, this is often because people have a basic understanding of the French Revolution. But lets just stay in the French Revolution, people were banging into each other in 1790, 1791 they dont know that 1793 is going to be what it was. You do mass surveys with the kids who are 14, 15, 16 years old and theyre baffled about homophobia, about racism, about trans issues, about immigration issues. 17. But theyre like, This is the greatest time in human history to be alive.. I know the French Revolution. A Current Affairs subscription is one of the best known ways to improve your life in a hurry. So, I think all of that is good, and I think Im in that tradition of popularizing it. Among the . Somehow its all forgotten. The ones who love to listen to the libertarian socialists. Its pretty close. Haha, I can tell. I spent so much time doing The History of Rome and so much time studying the ancient Mediterranean world, that when I finished up The History of Rome, I didnt want to be typecast as just an ancient historian or just able to do one particular set of time. I dont know any of this stuff, Im just in it for the razor blade money. The Storm Before the Storm by Mike Duncan. The Upcoming American Revolution. But one of the features, I think, of your podcast that is really interesting is that you have a lot of fans across the political spectrum. Like, Oh, even Reagan said this.. And one other thing that I think I have done well on this front, and Im doing this with the Russian RevolutionIm forcing myself to do thisis when we know how the revolution turned out, then we start to back up and write a straight-line history of the event knowing how it is going to end. . If you enjoyed this article, please consider subscribing to our magnificent print edition or making a donation. England and France to visit historic sites from Ancient Rome to the French Revolution. Now, when it comes to actually presenting this material, my focus has been to focus on the who, and the what, and the when. Jesus Revolution; John Wick: Chapter 4; Kiki's Delivery Service - Studio Ghibli Fest 2023; Knock at the Cabin; The Land Before Time; . Mike Duncan is one of the most popular history podcasters in the world and author of the New York Times-bestselling books The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic and Hero of Two Worlds: The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution.His award-winning series, The History of Rome, remains a legendary landmark in the history of podcasting. The Creelman Interview. Yeah, Im asking if were going to see these patterns of the revolutions that Mike has talked so much about, or are they going to just be different? Our Perspective guest is Mike Duncan. Look for it in like 2024. . The only possibly interpretation of "we" is "we," the . Today, I would like to let you all know that I am working on a new course that will explain the present: How The Economy Really Works Now. PLEASE NOTE: Because the cost of paper and printing has increased with inflation, we have recently had to put subscription prices up by $10, which will be reflected in renewals. Yeah. Were super excited about this guest because Sparky and I are huge geeks, and weve been fans of this guy for a long time. Whatever our identity is, our imagined national identity, we have to protect it at all costs. And if everybody goes rigid, then I think that that is going to lead to a lot of conflict and violence. And so, what Im trying to figure out, is time a flat circle? Again, extremely interested in reading that. Mike Duncan grew up outside of Seattle, WA and has a degree in Political Science from Western Washington University. And I, just in conversations with my wife and with friends, you always have to talk about, OK, are we talking about climate change division or non-climate change division?. Because Im coming out of this, Im a white guy from Seattle, Washington in the 21st century, so the society that I grew up with is going to inform my worldview on all those fronts. Redefining Revolutions. It didnt just appear like this, unless you want to get into really deep philosophy and say, The entire universe was invented five minutes ago and we all just arrived here, which I do not think is true. So, its not so much about removing your opponents abilityand this is true in war and in revolutionits not so much about the sovereign that is going to be overthrown or not overthrown, its not about whether or not they can marshal forces to napalm an entire city, its whether or not they are going to do it. I hope to launch it in July. You can tell Mike is passionate about the subject and makes its exciting. So, those things can and do happen in human history. You have these revolutionaries who rose up, and they rounded up the aristocrats, the bad people who had done all the bad things during the ancien rgime, and they chopped their heads off, and this must be a good thing. Spring 2015! Even though podcasting didnt exist 50 years ago, theres always been a popularizing tradition. Oct. 29 Newark NJ @ New Jersey Performing Arts Center Final Episode- Adieu Mes Amis. And if you empathize enough with the various actors, then, as you have noticed, I have fans from many different political backgrounds who can listen to the show and not be turned off about it, or think that Im just advancing one particular point of view. James "The Institutionalist: Dianne Feinstein's Long Fight for Abortion and Gun Control" by Rebecca Traister "Mike Duncan Takes on the Turmoil of History" by David Klion 9.05. What I will say to these peopleespecially when it comes to current events and modern financing of modern statesthat is well, not just above my paygrade, but somewhere on another planet. Let us begin with Carl Heneghan, who clearly states he is an Unlisted Author for Conly's Cochrane Study: We included 11 new RCTs and clusterRCTs (610,872 participants) in this update, bringing the total number of RCTs to 78. The Cry of Dolores. Grey History: The French Revolution & Napoleon. A new biography of the giant of both European and American history. | David Comfort SECRECY AND ESOTERIC WRITING IN KABBALISTIC LITERATURE | Jonathan V. Dauber. I have two kids, theyre seven and four. Im not thrilled with the world that they are about to have to live through. And so that is how I wound up carrying it forward. G. Gordon Liddy is Oliver North just being rehabilitated as a fine statesman. I actually do think that there was some kind of history that backs all of this up. The Roman Empire survived the Crisis of the Third Century. When the British started taxing themselves in the latter 1600s, suddenly their tax tripled after they came out of the Stuart dynasty. Oct. 5 Seattle @ Town Hall. I think that is going to happen with Lenin quite a bit. Opening Title Production company Cast and crew Genre A P R I L 4: Are We Done Yet? You know, its not like Toussaint Louverture is going around with a magical W over his head that stands for winner. Nobody knows that hes going to be the winner in the end. Its a fun experiment more than anything else. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the current selection. The other thing that we could do is if we loosened up a little bit and said, Ok, things are going to change. Or a bullshit artist who is really just looking to sell you razors, and Im just a hoax? Appendix 1- Coming Full Circle. But if you study the history, youll understand your own present society much better. And I do agree that there are probably people out there that just listened to that last answer that I gave about trying to present something resembling an objective chronology of information and just rolling their eyes and saying, Well, this guy is absolutely full of shit because nobody can actually do that. And I actually agree with that. Wherever we are, we are going to be a people. This is happening in France, this is happening everywhere. I think if were going to have a Supreme Court, its just a nice number. Do you think its remotely likely that well move more toward an open borders, more accepting society? I think when you come into the world, all of human history has happened before you, so you cant just go off and do whatever you want. Current Affairs was lucky enough to get him on our podcast for an interview with . Then Im going to be talking about it from the perspective of the Bolsheviks, and the Mensheviks, and Im going to be talking about it from the perspective of Nicholas and the czars. Hero of Two Worlds by Mike Duncan. . Why is this person behaving the way that they are behaving? McGahee Lesson 36 Revolutions. Thats something that youve really done a good job of avoiding, and I really appreciate that. Spanish American wars of independence 6. Mike Duncan also has done a podcast series on various other revolutions, which I'm interested in listening to in the future, perhaps sooner than later. I mean, if youre going to learn Plato and Aristotle, you have to learn about the Greek city-states. And Charles I, and soon to be Nicholas. So, I do think that there is a connection between debt and the finances of an empire or a kingdom or a republic. it might be the only solution, which we have written an article about in Current Affairs. Its pretty close. Mike Duncan. A wildly successful podcaster and New York Times-bestselling author, hes tackled topics ranging across space and time. 00:02:05. I mean, probably my favorite season so far is the Mexican Revolution season, and one of my favorite parts of that is that I had the sense, Oh, I know about the Mexican Revolution. I have the people who I understand as being important and who I agree with or disagree with. "Highly recommend Revolutions by Mike Duncan, especially Season 10", Musk tweeted. Especially coming out of The History of Rome, because there are lots of people that do listen to The History of Rome, and ancient history, classical history, is something that is often appropriated. For tickets to the October dates: Oct. 3 Austin TX @ Paramount Theater. Well be fine. The 80's Revolution. Sparky Abraham is the finance editor, a position he attained by way of nepotism. But Mike's superpower is his storytelling skill. And it made me think about the events from their viewpoint, instead of working backwards. Media. Do you see that as being part of a trend? The basic thesis of that is four case studies about how mistakes lead to history unfolding the way that it does, far more than just some brilliant work of a genius. You dont have a PhD in history, right? Every season of the podcast, Mike focuses on one revolution. The false promise of billionaire space plans, the dangers of natural law, the politics of Dr. Phil's show, the history of Stalin's atrocities.plus a delightful assortment of amusements, from the Intergalactic Zoo to behind the scenes at Fox News! My hope is that society wont be so rigidly admitted to protecting a deadend path against whats going to be inevitable for us to do in the next century or so. Likes. I know that I am really going out on a limb here. And so, podcasting as a medium, I think, has served the popularization of history and the popularization of many different more academic fields in general. And then there has always been a place for popularizers. I dont think that is the case. It was eight months in the past, nine months in the past, now a year ago. Tweets & replies. I think that were watching it happen right now. What was going on with Louis XVIand also what was going on, for example, with Charles I in England when he went off and started the Bishops Waris that the guys who had the money realized that they could use this to leverage the monarchy to their own personal, political advantage. Mike Duncan is one of the most popular history podcasters in the world. English Revolution 2. Browse Mike Duncan's best-selling audiobooks and newest titles. By australiantiger. The people who were killed were mostly peasants in the June Days uprising, it was federalists who had risen up in revolt against Paris because they simply disagreed with the course of revolution after the Committee of Public Safety took over. What do you think would cause that? Great. Haitian Revolution 5. People are going to have to live in different areas. We can accuse the people who are mass migrating out of Florida. Offensive does not even begin to capture it. Well just do that. Of course it wound up being longer than The History of Rome wasthis is how I run my career, apparently. He . Join now Sign in . Favorite. This is in, let us say, the mid 90s. Not that I dont have the next 15 years planned out. So, I wanted to move into the modern world, and I wanted to move into some different topics. BookPage "Mike Duncan's excellent, well-researched book portrays Lafayette's extraordinary life as a fascinating, transatlantic drama with three great revolutions and transitional interludes that carry the reader through seven explosive decades of historical change. 1. Its clearly me, come on. Published: PublicAffairs - September 6th, 2022. When expanded it provides a list of search options that will switch the search inputs to match the . And so theyll listen to The History of Rome and theyll be like, This is great, this guy must be one of us.. American Revolution 3. See, obviously I havent even written it. Every other week our editorial team brings you a mixture of discussion, analysis, and whimsy. Were not even getting close to that. I do think the modern Republican Party should be sunk to the bottom of the ocean. Instead, he loomed large on the world stage for decades after the war, and history podcaster Duncan does a fine job of filling out his subject's life. But this idea that we can just hunker down behind walls and hope for the best is, I think, at best, so horrifyingly bad. Thats crazy. Revolutions of 1848 8. Its a new technology. Plus, you just have to talk about the CIA a lot for anything after Russia.

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