Thomas Bay, Alaska

My forthcoming novel, set to launch in October 2020, was originally titled Ladies & Escorts. When exchanging emails with editors, many bounced or were sent to spam. The word “escorts” seems to be the trigger. So I had to rethink the title.

The main action takes place in Thomas Bay, also known as the Bay of Death, a glacier fed bay east of Petersburg. It is the fabled location of The Strangest Story Ever Told.

Things of interest in the story include a Sandalwood Box, a rumored treasure trove, the mythical Kushtaka, a parrot named Ajax, and the sinking of the SS Princess Sophia in 1918.

Possible alternatives for title/subtitle that came to mind:
Thomas Bay/The hunt for treasure in the Bay of Death
The Princess and the Lady/ a quest to solve a fifty-year-old mystery
The Sandalwood box/A letter from a doomed ship delivered 50 years late.

This is what I have (tentatively) decided on:

Thomas Bay Cover